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EA Chimney & Roofing

EA Chimney & Roofing was born fifteen years ago in the neighborhood of Jamaica, NY. Ever since our start, we have used the principles and values of honesty, quality, and punctuality by our side. This way, we ensure that our clients are treated the way they deserve to be. Need professional roofers? Then call us!

Something remarkable of our team is the fact that we always aim for better results with each client we get. We are continually looking for ways of improvement each day that passes by. That way, we guarantee the top-notch results we give to clients. We leave your roof free of tears and wears.

Our team counts with the best techniques, skills, and tools of the whole region! No matter how big or how small your project is, we have it all covered up! With our fifteen years of experience, we can assure you that our experts have seen and done almost about anything. Get in touch with our experts, and claim your free quote today!

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Why Choose Us?

EA Chimney & Roofing counts matchless techniques and skills for when it comes to roofing. We place our customers as our number one priority, thus providing an outstanding service that will leave them with a smile on their faces.


EA Chimney & Roofing’s mission is to give customers solid roofs that will grant them the protection and security they need for any type of situation.


Our vision is to grant the peace of mind each homeowner deserves with a firm and stable roof free of tears and wears with our exceptional service.

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