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Grant Your Chimney A Fine Flue Liner

Crowns and caps aren’t the only ones that crack after some time. Sadly, flue liners crack as well. It’s no surprise since they tend to be the ones that suffer the most in chimneys.

Just think about it: your liners are the ones that go through hell and more with the heat and gases that go up through your chimney! That means a lot of stress on your chimney lining.

There are a lot of factors that can ultimately damage your flue liners. First and foremost, one of the main reasons liners tend to become run-down

Many homeowners are not aware of the many dangers a cracked and damaged liner can bring to their homes. For example, your house is more prone to get caught in a fire with a cracked line. Not only that, but your place may be exposed to all kinds of harmful gases.

Here at EA Chimney & Roofing, we’ll handle your chimney liners like no one else with our repair services! Whether it is for a repair of your current flue liner or installing a new one altogether, you can be sure that you can count on our team.

No More Blockages with Our Chimney Repair in Queens NY

More often than not, things like creosote and soot tend to build up in your chimney after some time. Of course, this blocks your chimney after some time.

Believe it or not, these clogs tend to become more and more dangerous as time passes by. This is because carbon monoxide starts to build up as well. And as we all know, poisoning due to carbon monoxide can be fatal.

Although the most common type of blockages is due to creosote and soot, it doesn’t mean that it is the only type of blockage. In fact, birds, leaves, and even masonry can block your chimney as well!

Fret not, since this is where EA Chimney & Roofing comes in real handy. With our chimney repair in Queens NY, you won’t have to worry anymore about blockages!

No more clogs that can damage your chimney in the long run! No more carbon monoxide build-up that can harm you and your family. Call us, and we’ll take care of those bothersome clogs in your chimney!

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