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Man Installing Metal Chimney Cap

Got a Leak on Your Chimney?

Leaking chimneys are quite common yet costly. This is because when not taking action in the first stages of the leak, it can hurt your home’s interior real bad. When counting with a leak in your chimney, you can be sure that your best shot against them is with our chimney repair in Bronx NY!

First and foremost, you need to know that the first step in preventing and treating chimney leaks is inspection. You’d be amazed by the wonders a thorough chimney inspection can give you! Through our inspection, our experts can see precisely where the fault in your chimney is.

There are many things that can cause your chimney to leak. For instance, a common reason for chimney leaks are damaged caps, crowns, or even both! Sometimes, Father Time and Mother Nature tend to be too harsh on your chimneys, causing them to start cracking.

Not only can cracks on caps and crowns affect your chimney’s structure, but also cracks in your bricks as well. With the changing of the seasons, bricks tend to decay. This makes the cracks start to appear.

For chimney leaks, the best remedy your fireplace can have is a hand by our experts! EA Chimney & Roofing counts with highly skilled personnel that can handle all sorts of problems. Give us a call, and our team will be more than glad to provide you an estimate free of cost!

Get Your Chimney Lined The Right Way!

Chimney liners (a.k.a. as flue liners) are the ones that take care of the toxic gases and smoke from your fireplace. Sadly, just like any other component in your chimney, liners can get cracks, as well.

Flue liners tend to get cracked for multiple reasons. For example, one of the most common yet weakest types of flue liners is the clay liner. Clay liners are incredibly affordable for any homeowners; however they are the ones that last the least. You can say that it is almost inevitable for the liners not to crack with this material.

Unfortunately, in most cases there are no obvious signs for faulty chimneys. Still, it is essential to know some things that may hint there’s something fishy going down at your fireplace! Such things are like:

  • Unpleasant smells coming out of your fireplace
  • Smoke not coming out of your chimney
  • Debris is falling inside the hearth
  • Suspicious white residue on your liner’s walls
  • Soot is starting to build-up by a lot

When it comes to high-quality chimney services for your place, EA Chimney & Service is your contractor of choice. Our team of experts will fix your chimney, leaving it brand-new. From small fixes to large installations, you can be sure that you can count on our team for your chimney repair in Bronx NY!

Give us a call today, and our group of experts will be more than glad to provide you an estimate free of cost!

Chimney Liner Installation by Professional