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Get A Pristine Fireplace with Our Chimney Cleaning in Brooklyn NY!

Bring Your Home Luck with Our Chimney Cleaning in Brooklyn NY

It is commonly known that by having a chimney sweep in your home, you will receive countless blessings. Although there are many theories about where this superstition may come from, we cannot deny the fact that a thorough chimney sweeping benefits your home by a lot.

Just think about it: with an exhaustive and meticulous cleaning of your fireplace, you have guaranteed clean air and longer fires. You’ll keep away from creosote build-up and harmful fumes. Last but not least, you’ll save yourself from a lot of trouble that may come up when not cleaning your fireplace.

With our chimney cleaning in Brooklyn NY, your home will have good luck, wealth, and prosperity. It only takes a call to get our professionals to your place and bless your home! Just remember to give a firm handshake to our sweepers after cleaning your fireplace.


    Professional Sweeping Chimney on Roof Chimney Sweep as Good Luck Charm

    Every homeowner with a chimney knows that after some time of lighting your fireplace, soot and creosote starts to build up. And although soot may seem harmless, it may actually bring many problems to your home. Problems like house fires, dirty living rooms, and all sorts of health hazards!

    When it comes to keeping your home safe and warm during winters, be sure to count on a clean chimney beside you. That is why when in need of exceptional chimney cleaning in Brooklyn NY, EA Chimney & Roofing is your contractor of choice!

    Get Rid of Unpleasant Odors and Smoke Problems!

    Usually, one of the main symptoms a dirty chimney may bring to your home is smoke problems. The reason for this is because filthy fireplaces usually mean clogged chimneys. When counting with a clog, then there’s no smooth airflow.

    Without smooth airflow, your chimney can become the source of danger to your home. For instance, one of the deadliest things that a blocked chimney may bring to your home is what we know as carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Did you know that hundreds of lives are lost yearly because of carbon monoxide poisoning? This happens because many homeowners are not even aware when they are breathing this gas! After all, carbon monoxide is both odorless and tasteless.

    The number one step in preventing this type of poisoning is through a thorough chimney sweeping. With our chimney cleaning in Brooklyn NY, you’ll be able to save your life and the life of your loved ones.

    Not only will you get rid of the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home, but also you’ll take care of any foul odors that may come from your fireplace as well! More often than not, soot and creosote can make your home smell terrible.

    If your place is starting to smell like burnt barbecue or asphalt, then it’s likely that your fireplace needs an excellent clean-up. In worst cases, your chimney can make your home smell musty. This usually tends to happen when water gets inside the fireplace.

    That is why it is best to stay out of harm’s way with our chimney cleaning in Brooklyn NY. With our crew of experts by your side, you’ll have a clean and neat chimney free of danger.

    EA Chimney & Roofing Has the Finest Tools and Equipment for the Job

    Did we mention that our team has the best of materials and tools for your chimney sweeping? From robust cleaning rods to sturdy brushes, you can be sure that our team has everything you can think of and so much more!

    No matter if your cleaning is a small or a big task, our team can handle it from the simplest to the most complex projects!

    Not only do we count on the equipment, but we count with the best of skills under our belts as well!

    Throughout our 15 years of experience, our team has left our clients with a wide smile on their faces with our outstanding customer service and remarkable results!

    Let Us Be the Bert Your Chimney Deserves

    Just like Mary Poppins did, you should also count with a Bert by your side at all times. With our chimney cleaning in Brooklyn NY, your place will be safe and warm during the holidays. You can be sure that you’ll spend quality time with your loved ones this Christmas.

    At EA Chimney and Roofing, we offer various types of chimney services, including:

    • Cleaning and Repair
    • Relining
    • Brick Pointing
    • Fireplace Maintenance
    • And More!

    No other chimney company can match our skills, techniques, and ability when it comes to top-notch fireplace and roofing services.

    Don’t be afraid to contact us! With our team, you’ll count with the #1 provider of chimney services in Brooklyn by your side.

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