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Be Your Chimney’s Doctor with These Easy Chimney Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Chimney Tips for a Cozy Fireplace

When it comes to warm cozy nights during cold winters, no house feature is better than a chimney. Chimneys add style and enjoyment to any home, that extra touch of vitality everybody loves. That is why we must keep them uptight at all times! Chimneys, just like us, need to be taken care of. That way, it will stay in optimal conditions for when you use it. It will also save you from a lot of troubles. These are some amazing yet simple chimney maintenance tips that your chimney will be thankful for!

Follow These Awesome Chimney Maintenance Tips Anyone Can Do

For Lifetime Chimneys, You’ll Need Cleaning

Man with Yellow Gloves Cleaning ChimneyAs the first of our chimney maintenance tips list, chimney cleaning helps keep your home safe.

How so? First and foremost, it lowers the risk of fires by getting rid of creosote build-up. Second, it acts as a good time for experts to see any flaws that may be in your chimney. Lastly, it helps locate any bothersome obstructions, such as any tree debris or animal nests!

Keep in mind that chimneys tend to become more efficient when they are clean. The dirtier it is, the less heat it brings to your home during those long chilly nights.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, you should clean your chimney AT LEAST once a year. Of course, depending on how much you use your fireplace, you may need to clean it more than once a year.

Cleaning your chimney will help you prevent any costly repairs. It will also keep away any foul odors that may come from outside during hot summers!

Looking for a pair of expert hands that can grant you the top-notch cleaning your chimney deserves? Here at EA Chimney and Roofing, we offer our clients professional chimney cleaning and sweeping at incredibly affordable prices!

Keep Tree Branches Away from Your Chimney

Tree Branches over Chimney TopWhen it comes to keeping your chimney in top-notch shape, one of the key chimney maintenance tips is to keep a safe perimeter. Believe it or not, some of the most common fireplace problems homeowners have are bothersome branches hanging over their chimneys.

After all, limbs over your fireplace bring all sorts of problems that can harm your home and your loved ones! Just think about: branches over chimneys mean a fireplace full of twigs and leaves, especially on rainy days. Twigs and leaves that can ultimately lead up to chimney blockages.

Every homeowner knows the harms of fireplace clogs. From health to fire hazards, it’s always best to stay on the safe side and prevent any type of blockage that may bring danger to your place.

Tree branches can bring to your home all sorts of pests and animals, especially if you don’t count with a chimney cap. Just imagine finding out that a raccoon got to your roof and used your chimney to have her baby raccoons. After all, chimneys can sometimes be the perfect place for it!

As you can see, there are all sorts of problems that you can save yourself by simply trimming your tree’s branches every once in a while!

You should always keep your tree branches ten feet away and two feet lower from the top of the chimney.

Waterproofing Your Chimney Does Wonders!

Waterproofing Brick Wall on ChimneyPart of our chimney maintenance tips list, we’ve got waterproofing.

Chimneys, just like our roofs, are an element that goes through a lot! They have to endure hot and cold climates, strong winds, rain, and much more. That is why if you’re looking to make your chimney last longer, then you’ll need a protective coat that’ll protect it from moisture and mold!


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