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Top 4 Signs You Need Chimney Repair This Season

Top signs you need chimney repair

Your chimney plays a vital role in how your house functions. Its main purpose is to protect you by directing all the smoke out of your house. If you’ve noticed that your chimney is not working as it should, then you need to get help as soon as possible! In this blog, we will teach you the top signs that mean you need chimney repair.

You should perform annual chimney inspections. This is so that every year you make sure that your chimney is working the right way. During an inspection, a professional company will tell you if you need to fix your chimney.

These Are the Top 4 Signs that Mean You Need Chimney Repair

Some of these signs will not be as visible as others. For this reason, you should check the state that your chimney is in a couple of times a year. If you’re unsure if you need chimney repair, then you should turn to a professional company to assist you.

EA Chimney & Roofing is an expert that can help you decide if it’s necessary to fix your chimney. We will look for these top signs to check the condition of your chimney. If we find any issues, then we will assist you in the best ways to get your chimney fixed!


Damaged masonry and mortar

When your chimney has crumbling or damaged masonry, you must fix it as soon as possible. Over time, your chimney’s bricks can get damaged by the harsh elements of nature. So, if you see that the masonry and mortar look worn out, repair them before winter comes!

Sometimes the mortar joints between the masonry can get damaged. When this happens, it is a clear sign that you need chimney repair! If you let this unattended, the damage to your chimney can get worse. As a result, you may need to replace your chimney. Avoid this by fixing your chimney’s mortar joints as soon as possible!


Cracked chimney crown

If the top of your chimney is damaged, that is a sign that you need to fix it! The crown is the structure that protects the rest of the chimney from moisture. Don’t let this problem get worse and hire our chimney repair experts to help you!

It’s vital that you pay close attention to the state that your crown is in. This is because the crown protects the rest of the chimney from the outdoor elements. If your chimney’s crown has cracks, then water can easily get in. As a result, the water can freeze and cause other cracks in the rest of the chimney.


Signs you need flashing repair

When you notice mold and mildew in your chimney or roof, that’s a sign that you need to fix the flashing. The flashing is the part of your chimney that meets the roof. A well-functioning flashing will prevent water from entering your house.

If you’ve noticed that your chimney is leaking, most of the time is because of the flashing. We recommend you do annual chimney inspections to check if the flashing is in good condition. Water can seep into your roof, attic, or ceiling. These are clear signs that you need to fix the flashing!


Damaged and cracked flue

Avoid fires or harmful chemicals from entering your house with a quality flue. Sometimes the bricks in the flue can crack, allowing chemicals to flow into your house. As soon as you notice any damage to the flue, try to fix it as soon as you can!

One way that you can check for a damaged flue is when you start to notice pieces of bricks or tiles at the bottom of your chimney or fireplace. As soon as you see this, be sure to turn to an expert for help. A cracking flue can result in a fire inside your house. Thus, it’s crucial that you fix it quickly.

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