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Masonry vs. Prefabricated: The Two Types of Chimneys that Matter

types of chimneys

There are many types of chimneys, and it is essential to see the main differences between masonry and the prefabricated because it would help you identify the rest.

What Types of Chimneys Encompass Masonry and Prefabricated?

While there are many kinds out there, these are the main types of chimney you should know of:

  • Brick masonry chimneys
  • Stone masonry chimneys
  • Cement masonry chimneys
  • Air-insulated and air-cold chimneys
  • Metal prefabricated chimneys.

What Are Masonry Chimneys and Their Main Types?

what are the masonry chimneys

Masonry chimneys are the most classical fireplaces in U.S. homes due to the way that people construct them. Made of masonry blocks, bricks, mortar, concrete, and some beautiful stones, these types of chimneys will give a sophisticated view of your home place.

They can last decades if they receive the proper maintenance and constant cleaning. Usually, masonry chimneys grant a perfect warmth in the most crucial icy winter storms. These chimneys consist of a smoke chamber, a liner, and the surface.

You can add some accessories and choose the style. For many of these reasons, potential homebuyers prefer houses with masonry chimneys. It is not recommended to install this kind of masonry fireplace if you have a small place because you need space.

As we mentioned above, there exist different types of masonry chimneys. It will depend on the material needed to construct the chimney.

Brick Chimneys

What are the stone chimneys

Usually, residential homes prefer this type of masonry chimney. One of the crucial aspects of bricks is their durability, which adds significant value to the house. They can cost from $900 to $2000 depending on the size and position, and this does not include the installation. Besides, they give a unique and original style.

Stone Chimneys

what are the stone chimneys

This type is another fantastic masonry chimney option in which you can choose your favorite stones. Mixed with mortar, they can also last decades, depending on the maintenance. Most of the time, they are part of the original home design, and the cost can vary from $8,000 to $20,000, which makes them more expensive than brick or cement blocks.

Its construction is complex, so installing the different stones could take a lot of days, and due to the exotic chimney design, the home value could increase. Besides, they contain a more rigid surface, and the stones help expand the heat over the house.

Cement Block Chimney

cement block chimney

Created with concrete blocks, this chimney has a more simple design. The process is relatively faster, and you can decide the color of the structure. Its price is low, but it does not add a sophisticated view as the other two. It is perfect for low-budget-minded homeowners.

What Are Prefabricated Chimneys and Their Main Types?

what are the main types of prefabricated chimneys

Prefab chimneys are different from masonry chimneys, and there exist many modern styles. These chimneys are most common in the new American houses due to the fastest installation processes. They required fireboxes made from sheet metal. These fireplaces are not home constructed, so factories prefabricated them in their installations.

Sometimes they need double or triple-walled protection to their designs. Moreover, buyers prefer these chimneys because they can choose an original design. Another advantage is the low price, but this means that they are not durable. You can be careful with cleaning to increase their lifetime, but you must change some chimney areas with time.

 Most of these prefabricated chimneys look similar, but they differ in some aspects of cost, design, and installation. These chimneys could last from 10 years to over 25 years, and one of the disadvantages is that some pieces are discontinued and not available after some years.

types of prefabricated chimneys

Air-insulated and Air-cooled Chimneys

These prefab chimneys include pipes of a double or triple wall. Air-insulated vents are perfect to have high temperatures, and there exists more control over the inner and outer walls. Air-cooled chimneys have an affordable cost, and the gas goes faster than other types of chimneys.

One piece of advice is to not install air-cooled chimneys in areas where the weather is cold because it can bring condensation consequences to the fire system.

Metal Chimneys

metal chimney

Usually, these chimneys have double or triple walls too, and they can dissipate heat or provide insulation. Experts have said that the metal is an excellent conductor of heat, and it is not corrosive. They offer a great modern and good-look design. They are easy to install, and they could work with masonry structures.

One Informative Gift, Wood-Burning Stoves

why wood burning stoves are better than normal chimneys

Wood-burning stoves are reaching popularity among homeowners who prefer new exotic and aesthetic designs. These stoves can replace chimneys, and they can be adapted as masonry or prefabricated according to the style. They are old in the industry, but they did have too much popularity as in recent years.

These fireplaces use modern systems to control de temperature, and they have pipes that make the work even more accessible. They burn wood to produce heat in the house, and you can decide the size and design.

If you reach this point, now you know that there are many types of chimneys in the market. We can give you professional advice because there are a dozen different shapes, sizes, and designs, but you have the option to choose.

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