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Can I Use Burning Rock Salt to Clean Chimney Creosote?

Burning Rock Salt to Clean Chimney

Keeping your chimney clean is a must if you wish to stay safe all year long. However, is it safe to use burning rock salt to clean chimney creosote? Find out the answer to this question by keeping on reading this blog! Additionally, we’ll also give you some tips for keeping your chimney in top shape for the years to come!

Steps on Using Burning Rock Salt to Clean Chimney Creosote

Chimneys are the real lifesavers when it comes to cold winters.

However, if you’re using the wrong wood or not cleaning it often enough, then it’s bound to have buildups of creosote in their stove pipes. And, if you’re looking to stay away from any signs of chimney fires, then you must make sure that it’s always clean.

That’s why many homeowners look for easy and affordable ways of removing glazed creosote from their chimneys. Among these methods, we have sodium chloride.

Long story short, you can use burning rock salt to clean chimney creosote. By pouring a bit of salt into your fireplace while you’re using it, you’ll be able to dissolve small amounts of creosote buildups. This phenomenon happens because the salt combines with the water in the burning wood.

Nevertheless, keep in mind not to use this method for your chimney’s maintenance. If you have more than a year without cleaning your chimney, please contact a professional for a sweep.

Additionally, you’ll want to avoid using salt for metal chimneys since the acid obtained from the solution can rust and even corrode them.

These are the steps to follow when using salt to remove tarry creosote from your chimney:

  • Choose the right firewood.
  • Be sure to prepare your fireplace correctly.
  • Light up the fire.
  • Put a little salt into the hot fire.

Choose the Right Firewood

Choose the Right Firewood

As we said before, using the right firewood is vital if you wish to avoid any chimney fires. One type of wood you should definitely opt for is kiln-dried firewood.

Be Sure to Prepare Properly Your Fireplace

Prepare Properly Your Fireplace to Avoid Creosote

After choosing the right firewood for your place, you must now arrange the logs accordingly. Moreover, be sure to release the damper and use a primer to prepare the flu. Also, make sure that there are no ashes from the previous session you used the chimney.

Make sure to make any preparations necessary to always ensure safety during this process.

Light up the Fire

How to Safely Light Up a Fireplace

After successfully preparing your chimney and fireplace, it’s time to start the fire. You can place balls of newspaper if you wish to get a stronger fire. Moreover, you can add kindling to the bottom of your fireplace to light it up.

When starting your fire, make sure to always keep it small. That way, it’ll generate less smoke and produce even less creosote buildup.

Put a Little Salt into the Hot Fire

Placing Sodium Chloride to Clean Chimney

Finally, you should now pour a bit of salt into the fire. Since the burning wood creates water, its combination with the salt will travel up the chimney and dissolve the small coal-tar organic compounds. As a result, you’ll remove creosote successfully.

After following these steps on using burning rock salt to clean chimney grease, it’s time for you to implement them!

If you ever need professional advice on this subject, or you’re looking for experts that’ll handle your chimney sweeps, be sure to contact EA Chimney and Roofing. We count on the latest equipment for the job, including high-end chimney brushes and vacuums.

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